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Juan Carlos Llorente, Carmen Pérez Melguizo, Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso

Robots and Industry URL:

Nano technologies, artificial intelligence and drones are changing society in all of its dimensions and particularly in the workplace, where new professional profiles and a new way of organising production resources will be necessary. Today, robotics puts us before a new industrial revolution, and this issue will be analysed by Juan Carlos Llorente and Carmen Pérez Melguizo, professionals and experts in this field.

A debate format in which, once a month, on a Monday at 7:30 pm, leading experts analyse important issues that make up today’s social reality with the journalists Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso.

Climate change, political leadership during the Spanish democracy, pharmaceutical industry and health, the Arab world, the solutions to the crisis, independence movements, globalisation, the future of Europe, anti-system movements, aging, virus of the new Millennium and the future of the monarchies in the world have been several of the issues involved.

The presenters put some of the audience’s questions to the guests. Please send your suggestions to:

This session will be streaming on Channel March:

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