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Commentary on a collection

This section offers 37 essays written by professors and art critics from a number of Spanish cities, on 37 of the most significant works in the Spanish Contemporary art collection of Fundación Juan March, located in the Spanish Abstract Art Museum in Cuenca, and in the Fundación Juan March Museum in Palma (both museums belong to the Foundation).

These essays were published from January 2004 to January 2008 in consecutive editions of the Journal Fundación Juan March. The series, coordinated by Javier Maderuelo, professor of landscape architecture of Alcalá University, attempts to bring to the attention of a public, who may never have visited the museums that hold the works, the materials and criteria of composition together with the context, thus helping to promote a new historiography of contemporary Spanish art that rises above simply assigning each work to a style and locating it chronologically. The series does this through perceptive and interpretative articles that help readers understand the meaning of the selected work, through an analysis of its form.

The section "Commentary on a Collection" (Obras de una colección) includes, in addition to the articles, a brief biographical sketch of the artist and a small bibliography on past works of the authors of the articles. Further, they reference other works of the artists analysed, which are on public display in the museums mentioned above or in the headquarters of the Foundation in Madrid.

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