Publications on the exhibition


In view of the dearth of knowledge regarding Lebedev's work beyond the borders of the now defunct Soviet Union and the lack of translated texts and sources available in English, Spanish or other languages, the catalogue of this exhibition has been conceived as a succinct—yet accurate and stimulating—source of information on the artist's body of work. And so, in addition to the works on view—arranged into five distinct sections—the reader will find an introduction to the life and work of Lebedev (including a practical biographical chronology), as well as two essays, the first concerning the political aspects of his work and the second on the importance of children's literature in his oeuvre. The catalogue closes with a selection of historical texts: a series of period articles, an autobiographical manuscript that Lebedev did not conclude but is nonetheless significant, and a facsimile reprint of Lebedev's children's book from 1922, Prikliucheniia Chuch-lo (The Adventures of the Scarecrow), all translated into English and Spanish for the first time.