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Gary Hill. Imágenes de luz27 septiembre - 30 diciembre 2006 Obras de la colección del Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg12/01/2007 - 22/04/2007

The exhibition features some of the most important works by  Gary Hill, who wasborn in Santa Monica, California, in 1951, and resides in Seattle, Washington, one of the most noted video artists on the international contemporary art scene. It offers a selection of 17 works – videos and installations –, all of which realized between 1977 and 2002, having placed special emphasis on those created in the 1970s and 1980s. All are from the collection of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany.

Hill’s work is quite diverse, but it also hints at the familiar. Some of his pieces are presented to the spectator with a kind of implied difficulty, while others hide behind an apparently formal simplicity. In many of them he plays, quite seriously, with images of figures and forms, with acoustical signs, with spoken and written language and with luminous effects. In all of them he addresses connections – both profound and complex – between the corporal character of language, images and technology.

With complete dominance over the technological instruments of his work, Hill is completely uninterested in stylistic exercises on the hackneyed “technological possibilities” of video as a medium. Instead, he questions the medium of video with regard to its own nature as a medium and the mediation between our perception and the reality that our glance, at least in part, projects.

Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, de Cuenca

Museo de Arte Abstracto Español
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Hanging Houses (Casas Colgadas)

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