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Picasso Suite Vollard

June 22 - September 12, 2004

The collection of 100 prints by Pablo Picasso known as the Vollard Suite, one of the most important graphic series in the history of art and comparable in quality and importance only to the prints of Rembrandt and Goya, takes its name from the dealer Ambroise Vollard, for whom Picasso etched the copper plates between September 1930 and June 1936. In them the Malagueñan artist employs in a novel and surprising way such diverse techniques as burin, drypoint, etching, and sugar aquatint (also known as “sugar lift”).

Four themes run through the Vollard Suite: The Sculptor’s Studio, The Minotaur, Rembrandt, and the Battle of Love. The Suite is completed by three portraits of Ambroise Vollard carried out in 1927. Some of the themes have a remote origin in Honoré de Balzac’s short story Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu (The Unknown Masterpiece, 1831), which greatly impressed Picasso. It tells the story of a painter’s efforts to capture life itself on canvas through the means of feminine beauty and it anticipates the origins of modern art, of which Picasso would be one of the main forgers.

Picasso. Suite Vollard
Fundación Juan March, 1996
135 pages.
Essays by Julián Gállego
Spanish, English and German
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