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Joan Hernández Pijuán. The distance of drawing. January 18-May 4, 2008Temporary exhibition

Untitled, 1971
© Joan Hernández Pijuan. VEGAP,
Madrid, 2008

A retrospective exhibition of 169 works created between 1969 and 2005 by Joan Hernández Pijuan (Barcelona, 1931-2005), an artist who made space the absolute protagonist of his work. His space is the space of experienced landscape, intimate; and it is thus that his own painting is converted into landscape. Without reproducing nature, his works nonetheless capture the emotion it produces in him.

The work of Hernández Pijuan, refined and profound, is located on the margins of artistic currents, trends and movements, something that has granted it a solitary position distant from the proposals of his contemporaries. His continual search for a highly personal pictorial language and his interest in the instructive sensibility of his proposals have contributed to the recognition of his work, which resists being classified in figurative or abstract terms. Instead, it assumes its place among the most outstanding of the national contemporary artistic panorama.

Untitled  No. 33

Untitled No. 33, 1999
© Joan Hernández Pijuan. VEGAP, Madrid, 2008