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The catalogue

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The exhibition, accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue in both English and Spanish editions, with essays by Manuel Fontán del Junco, "The Avant-Garde Applied, 1890–1950 (A User's Manual)", Richard Hollis, "The Avant-Garde and Graphic Design", Maurizio Scudiero, "A Transverse Reading of Typography and the Graphic Avant-Gardes" , and Bruno Tonini, "Avant-Garde Typography (1900–1945): Theories and Typefaces". It also includes a comprehensive listing of artists featured in the exhibition by name, together with catalogue numbers of their works in the exhibition; nationality, which gives one an idea of the extraordinary geographical variety covered; and by date of birth, offering an intuitive visual representation of the exhibition's historical breadth; and a selective bibliography. The works on display are organized into three large sections: I. Shapes and signs; II. Signs and shapes; and III. History and sources, according to the essays by Hollis, Scudiero and Tonini.