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Pencil on paper: February 7, 1974

Marcia Hafif (1929)
Pencil on paper: February 7, 1974), 1974

Pencil on paper, 40.2 x 26 in.
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

As the initiator of the Radical Painting group, Hafif turned to monochromatic works during the late 1970s, which, according to Hafif, enabled her to find her way back to the fundamental principles of painting. As a result, she produced a group of pencil drawings begun on January 1, 1972, and completed in 1982. A common feature of the drawings is the attempt to evenly cover the surface of the paper with preferably identical vertical and equidistant strokes. The goal is a pictorial form that is entirely free of the artist's subjective gestures, produced solely from the possibilities of the medium and the materials.

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