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6. "Review: Reconsidering Form, Space and Line"

1. Introduction  |  2. Stuttgart Roots  |  3. Dialogue: From Bauhaus to American Minimalism  |  
4. Dialogue: Minimalism in European and American Contemporary Art  |  5. Neo Geo  |  6. "Review:
Reconsidering Form, Space and Line"

The final room of the exhibition unites works by representatives of the abstract avant-garde with those by contemporary artists in an artistically harmonious grouping. In various ways, their works reference fundamental conceptual and formal elements such as the preoccupation with “space” and “line,” with the latter seen as a reduced means of representation. This ensemble was first configured for the DaimlerChrysler Collection exhibition Classical: Modern (Berlin, 2006).

The works, including the spatial sculpture by Norbert Kricke (55), are integrated into a conceptual whole by means of the carpet produced by the contemporary Algerian artist Philippe Parreno (53), who lives and works in Paris. The color of the gray wall was proposed for the Berlin exhibition by the artist Ben Willikens (56), who lives in Stuttgart and Munich and is represented here by one of his portrayals of an interior. It enters into a dialogue with a painting by Anton Stankowski, the founder of Constructive Graphics, who belonged to the Zurich Concretes during the early 1930s and was active in Stuttgart from the mid-1930s onwards. Stankowski also taught at the Design College in Ulm after the War. The artist Georges Vantongerloo (57), from Belgium, is linked to a number of abstract movements; for example, De Stijl in the Netherlands (1917) and Abstraction-Création in Paris (he was its chairman from 1931 to 1937). It was during these years that Vantongerloo also became a close friend of Max Bill. The exhibition appropriately closes with Josef Albers, who is represented in this context by a graphically structured picture object showing forms that seem to hover in an undefined and seemingly infinite space.

Abrir ficha de la obra 53
Philippe Parreno,
6:00 P.M., 2001
Abrir ficha de la obra 54
Anton Stankowski,
Egozenter, 1952
Abrir ficha de la obra 55
Norbert Kricke,
Raumplastik, 1956
Abrir ficha de la obra 57
Georges Vantongerloo, Courbes, 1939
Abrir ficha de la obra 58
Georges Vantongerloo, Fonction, courbes vertes, 1938
Abrir ficha de la obra 59
Georges Vantongerloo, Composition, 1944
Abrir ficha de la obra 60
Josef Albers,
Structural Constellation F-14, 1954
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