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1. Introduction

1. Introduction  |  2. Stuttgart Roots  |  3. Dialogue: From Bauhaus to American Minimalism  |  
4. Dialogue: Minimalism in European and American Contemporary Art  |  5. Neo Geo  |  6. "Review:
Reconsidering Form, Space and Line"

An introduction to the exhibition is provided by Josef Albers (1), who played an important role in transmitting new artistic concepts to the United States. As a former student and teacher at the Bauhaus before World War II, as a teacher at Black Mountain College, North Carolina – after emigrating to the United States in 1933 – and then as head of the design department at Yale University in Connecticut, Albers influenced several generations of artists in Europe and the United States. Albers' works examine the correlation between form and color structures that he visualized in serial sequences.

A surprising dialogue between Otto Meyer-Amden (2) and John M Armleder (3) serves as a prelude to the Modernists from the circle of Adolf Hölzel's Stuttgart Academy and sets the stage for the artistic confrontations seen throughout the exhibition. Arranged partially in chronological order, the exhibition contrasts works by historical predecessors and later artists with the aim of elucidating points of reference and formal connections (as well as making an occasional ironic commentary).

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Josef Albers
Formulation: Articulation, 1972
Abrir ficha de la obra 2
Otto Meyer-Amden Vorbereitung, Teilkomposition,
Abrir ficha de la obra 3
John M Armleder
Avec les deux
, 1993
2. Stuttgart Roots 2. Stuttgart Roots
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