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The DaimlerChrysler Collection as a Guest of the Fundación Juan March

Dr. Renate Wiehager
DaimlerChrysler AG, Corporate Art Department

The exhibition Before and After Minimalism has been organized for the Museu d’Art Espanyol Contemporani, Palma, Mallorca, in close collaboration with the Fundación Juan March, Madrid.  Showing for the first time in Spain is a selection of works representing the minimalist tendencies of the sixties that can be found in the context of its historical predecessors and in contemporary interpretations of this form. The selection of works exhibited follows the exact manner in which the DaimlerChrysler Collection has been presenting its works, particularly its new acquisitions, to the public since the year 2000 under the title Minimalism and After.

For the ongoing work with the collection, Minimalism and After signifies much more than the title of an exhibition series.  Minimalism and After portrays an extensive view of an entire collection, which is based on the historic and abstract Avant-Garde movements and follows its evolution which ties the foundation of its ideas to contemporary art.  The catalogue, published in 2006 under the same title, documents in great detail the main focus of the collection and its contents: (Renate Wiehager, Minimalism and After.  Tradition und Tendenzen minimalistischer Kunst von 1950 bis heute/ Tradition and Tendencies of Minimalism from 1950 to the Present, Ostfildern: Hatje & Cantz).

As a consequence, in recent years, the manner in which the collection is being exhibited, in itself, has led to the exhibition taking shape significantly, as will be explained further in the following text.

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