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Study for Homage to the Square: “Opalescent”

Josef Albers
Study for Homage to the Square: "Opalescent", 1962

Oil, tempera on hardboard, 31.9 x 31.9 in.
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

The nesting tableswere designed by Albers in the 1920s, a period during which he, in his role as the head of the Bauhaus furniture workshop (1928-29), increasingly also dealt with furniture design. He followed the same principles as he did in his paintings, i.e., to achieve “maximum use with minimal means.” Albers produced the original version of the nesting tables for the Berlin home of the psychoanalysts Fritz and Anna Moellenhof. They represent a further application of his study of color effects. Depending on whether the tables are shown separately or together the viewer perceives the colors differently. This play of color is also present in his celebrated painting series,Homage to the Square, which is based on a grid of three or four interlocking squares. Opalescent is but one of more than 1,000 variations he created on the theme, representing the summation of his color theory studies.

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