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Hans Arp
Chapeau-nombril (Navel Hat), 1924

Painted wood on wood, 22.8 x 17.7 in.
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

Arp's work ties into the most important artistic movements of the early 20th century: Dada, Surrealism, and the earliest trends in Abstract Art. His oeuvre intellectually revolves around two central artistic forms: the organic world of plants and the human figure as can be seen in these works. The two objects reveal the transformation in Arp's work from a surrealistic to an anthropomorphic figurativeness. The early Chapeau-nombril is an organic configuration comprised of a circular form and a silhouetted profile resembling that of a hat. In contrast,Coryphée is clearly reminiscent of the human figure with its black granite base fittingly complementing its sculptural curves.

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