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Double Matrix – Pink, Green

Oli Sihvonen
Double Matrix - Pink, Green, 1968

Oil on canvas, 2 paintings, 84 x 84 in. each
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

Double Matrix – Pink, Green belongs to the series of elliptical paintings that Sihvonen began producing in the late 1940s. They date back to his stay at an artists' community in Taos, New Mexico. There Sihvonen, who had been a student of Josef Albers, developed abstract forms based on the surrounding mountains and the shadows they cast. As active forms that constantly change based on one’s viewpoint, the ellipses here seemingly cause the two halves of the picture to gently vibrate. In addition, the brilliant color contrasts make the colors almost shimmer, provoking afterimages on the retina. Sihvonen's art demands active seeing insofar as the interplay of the forms on the pictorial ground appear more like a moving environment than as static fields.

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