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Disposition (Arrangement), 1998

Cork and wood, painted, 71.7 x 42.1 x 11 in.
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

The living spaces proposed by the Israeli artist Absalon are sculptural architectonic realizations of existential bodily experiences anchored in theories of Minimal Art. After 1988, he produced works primarily in miniature format and developed small living units, so-called “cells,” that were tailor-made to suit the size of his own body and equipped with the elementary necessities of life. Disposition (1998), for example, can be seen as a shelving unit, in the sense of functional furnishings, but it can also be removed from the context of daily life and understood as a Minimalist object. The video Proposition d’Habitation (1991) shows how life within a cell can be achieved with cubist-shaped objects that can be used as various kinds of furniture. Absalon's goal of integrating his habitat cells within international urban structures and living in them temporarily was never realized due to his early death.

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