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H. Arcuata

Jo Baer
H. Arcuata ,1971

Oil on canvas, 21.9 x 95.8 x 4 in.
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

H. Arcuata (the botanical name of an orchid species) belongs to a group of paintings made by Baer around 1970 (she became a member of the Orchid Society at that time and wrote two essays on the subject). They are painted with multiple viewpoints in mind and are hung unusually low, and thus can only be read by visually scanning the painted surface, which continues over the sides of the canvas. Baer defended the importance of painting in the context of Minimal Art, although Minimal artists vehemently protested against it as a relevant art form. By asserting the role of painting as an object by developing an anti-illusionistic painting style, Baer was successful in giving the medium a visual presence with a physical radiance.

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