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Untitled (Study for a Wall Drawing)

Sol LeWitt (1924-2007)
Untitled (Study for a Wall Drawing), 1993

4 drawings, pencil and ink on paper, 12.6 x 9.8 in. each
Sammlung DaimlerChrysler

As one of the prime representatives of Minimal and Concept Art in the 1960s, LeWitt moved into a rather sweeping, arabesque-like phase as of the mid-1990s, as seen in the present study for a wall drawing. It was originally painted on the wall of an art gallery for an exhibition and intended to demonstrate the conceptual stipulations of the premises of the wall drawing. It is noticeable in this context, that the pencil grid was added later to the seemingly amorphous forms in black ink. LeWitt’s wall drawings and paintings were not conceived as permanent, since in most cases they were carried out on the wall just for the duration of an exhibition, and were painted over once it ended. LeWitt also avoided individualizing his wall creations, which were usually carried out by his assistants or by contracted local artists who were given precise written instructions.

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