The catalogue


The extensive range of posters featured in the exhibition and in this catalogue attests to the enormous influence of photomontage in politics, social protest, advertising, and the market, while also demonstrating the popularity of the technique among avant-garde artists during these two decades. In this visually rich context, Adrian Sudhalter's essay allows the reader an opportunity to ponder the technique of photomontage. She examines not only a body of contemporary texts and essays that the practice of photomontage inspired but also explores precisely that quality of photomontage that made it inherently self-reflexive—a quality that contributed to the organization of what was historically perhaps the most important exhibition devoted to this artistic technique.

The present volume includes a facsimile reproduction and translation of the catalogue published on the occasion of that exhibition at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin, from April 25 to May 31, 1931. In addition to a brief chronology, the interested reader will also find a selection of texts—some scarcely familiar today—by authors of various nationalities that sheds further light on the subject of photomontage.