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Library / Research Support Center

The Fundación Juan March Library is a specialist academic library for studying humanities. It also acts as a research support centre for the activities carried out by the Foundation.

The Library will be closed until January 2018. Bibliographical reference digital service will be kept as much as possible.

>Library - Research Support Center

Its main objectives are based on a commitment to research, technological innovation, the search for a more universal and interdisciplinary approach, access to documentary heritage, digital preservation and institutional cooperation.


  • Art
  • DataLab
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Ilusionism
  • Cortázar
  • Documental Heritage

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Fundación Juan March
Castelló, 77 – 28006 MADRID – Spain
+34 91 435 42 40 – Fax: +34 91 576 34 20