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Edificio de la sede de la Fundación Juan March. 1975 Headquarters building of Fundación Juan March, 1975

Photographic Archive
Fundación Juan March

  • A selection of over 8,500 photographs taken from Fundación Juan March main photograph archive. Authority index with about 6,000 people and entities. Photographs dated back to 1955 to the present time.
  • An interdepartmental project to provide access and curate the graphic memory of the Fundación Juan March in its 60th Anniversary.

Description and terms of use

From its very earliest days, the Juan March Foundation has been keen to keep a documentary record of its activities. As a result, photographs have been taken of all its notable events since 1955, with lectures and concerts having been recorded since 1975. Yearbooks and other informative publications have been produced, and all of these initiatives have been continued up to the present day, making it possible to keep a record of and publicise everything the Foundation has done in the various stages of its existence.

The Archive, made up of a selection of over 8,500 photographs taken from its vast general photograph archive and the names of around 6,000 people and entities, has a dual purpose. The first is to keep the Foundation's history alive and to pay tribute to the artists, intellectuals and people who made it a reality, working in different national and international fields in culture and society.

Both the publications and a large part of the sound recordings – both spoken word and music – are today available on the Internet: The photographic archive, freely available to all, illustrates the history of the Juan March Foundation in the form of thousands of important moments in the evolution of Spanish culture from the 1950s onwards, with new images of events and leading figures being added to this living Archive all the time.

Access to and use of the Archive

It has been designed in such a way that the main focus is on the image shown, with attractive and easy-to-use viewing and browsing tools.

Archive searches can be made by writing the search text in the simple search box or by searching through the alphabetic index of the artists, musicians and institutions contained in it.

To look at the photographs all you need to do is click on the magnifying glass right of the simple search box.


The results screen has filters so you can refine your search by year, source or place. The thematic block for the source of the photograph is called "Source", and is broken down into Music, Art, Lectures, Social Sciences, Biology, Library, Headquarters and Other events.

The photographs from the events organised by each department have been labelled Music, Lectures, Art and Library – in other words the concerts, lectures, the exhibitions held in Madrid, at the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca and at the Museu Fundación Juan March in Palma, as well as events and meetings at the Foundation's Spanish Library of Contemporary Music and Theatre, respectively. Similarly, under the heading Headquarters you can find a short photographic collection about the Foundation's building in Madrid. Other events primarily contains a selection of images about the Foundation's early days, as well as some examples of its social and heritage protection initiatives, its first seminars, activities carried out as part of the "Cultural Albacete" programme, visits by foreign dignitaries, as well as other recent photographs of one-off events.

Under the Social Sciences and Biology you can find information on the basic research programmes carried out since 1987, the year when the Juan March Institute for Studies and Research was set up, resulting in the establishment of two leading research centres. The first of these was the Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (CEACS, 1987-2013), which is now part of the Carlos III/Juan March Social Sciences Institute of the Carlos III University in Madrid, and the other was the Centre for International Meetings on Biology (CRIB, 1987-2004).

Information about the images and links to other resources

Each photograph is described using the following fields – title, date, place, catalogue number, people, activity, further information about the activity, terms and conditions for use and explanatory notes. The photograph information file can be used to link through to other related resources on the Foundation's website, providing more extensive photographic content and leading to more information about the activity, directing the user to the audio of the lecture or the concert, if these are available. Similarly, the "Note" field puts the information about the photograph into context with details taken from the Juan March Foundation Boletín , the monthly Revista and the Memoria annual. You can also browse other fields – a person's name, source, place and activity.

Technical data

The Juan March Foundation Photographic Archive forms part of the Foundation's digital repository. Following a period of several months studying the contents, work got underway in April 2015 using the Foundation's own resources and free software tools, with everything arranged using the Islandora digital resources management platform.

The Archive contains over 8,500 photos in five different sizes, all of which have watermarks and technical and descriptive metadata. It also contains over 6,000 entries on people, musical groups and entities that have been included in the Juan March Foundation authority index, which is currently under construction.

The analogue photographs held in the archive in paper format were converted into digital format by internal staff between 2004 and 2006.

The photographs were taken by a large number of people. In selecting the photographs it was important that the Foundation should hold the acquired rights to the images. Since 1975, most of the photographs at the Foundation's head offices in Madrid were taken by Arturo Lendínez and Carmen Botán. Other photographers have also collaborated in Madrid, Cuenca and Palma, such as Fernando Nuño, Antonio Zafra, Jordi and Jaume Blassi, Rafael Pérez Mínguez, Santiago Torralba, Ismael Herrero, Xisco Bonnin and, since 2017 Alfredo Casasola and, particularly, Dolores Iglesias both in Madrid.

The photographs in the Juan March Foundation's database are free to be viewed or printed for private use or for teaching or research purposes. They may not be printed or digitally copied without the relevant permission. Where necessary, this database must also be acknowledged, stating the photograph's source and web address. The Juan March Foundation would like to be informed on about any research and studies using this database as a source, so that these studies can be included in its Library's specialist bibliographic collection.

Legal notice

The photographs held in the Photographic Archive owned by the Juan March Foundation are free to be viewed and used for private use or for teaching or research purposes, as long as this is done with full respect for the content and the Foundation's rights as owner. Users may freely download and print the images for use in academic research and teaching only, citing the source and photographer. The images are displayed in a low resolution format and with a watermark, which must not be altered. Should a photograph be required for any other use, please contact the Juan March Foundation (

The content and use of the Portal will be governed by Legal notice/ General terms Of use Of the website and by Privacy Policy established by Fundación Juan March.

About this project

The Photographic Archive of the Juan March Foundation was launched in January 2015 as a joint project by the Press, IT and Library departments, and has been presented at various meetings to the other departments and the management of the Juan March Foundation. The following people and collaborating entities have taken part in it: Paz Fernández and Fernández-Cuesta, Celia Martinez Cristina and Luis Martínez Uribe (Library); Marisa Machi (Press); Jesús Royo Mejía, Aurelio Medina Pizarro, Joaquín Solis, Dolores Iglesias Fernández and José Luis Prieto, with the support of David Palacios García from the company Ilitia (Web programming and layout, photography and design); Ernesto Barrios and Marisa Machi (Digitisation). In addition to these, the following people have also helped to select the images, coordinated by the Foundation's management: Manuel Fontán del Junco (Art), Lucía Franco (Lectures), Miguel Ángel Marín (Music), Victoria Senén and Javier Goñi (Press).

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