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Articles published in International Scientific Journals

Meetings organised by the Centre have been reviewed in the following articles or books:

Articles and books published in 1997

  • Quatrano, R. S., Barthels, D., Ho, T.H.D. y Pagès, M. (1.997). New Insights into ABA–Mediated Processes. The Plant Cell 9: 470–475. (Sobre la reunión Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction in Plants, celebrada en Octubre de 1.996).
  • Benkovic, S. J. y Ballesteros, A. (1.997). Biocatalysts – The Next Generation. Trends in Biotechnology 15: 385-386. (Sobre la reunión Novel Biocatalysts, celebrada en Marzo de 1.997).
  • Dickman, S. (1.997). Possible New Roles for HOX Genes. Science 278: 1882-1883. (Sobre la reunión Development and Evolution, celebrada en Noviembre de 1.997).