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Articles published in International Scientific Journals

Meetings organised by the Centre have been reviewed in the following articles or books:

Articles and books published in 1999

  • Vicente, M., Chater, K. F. y de Lorenzo, V. (1.999). Bacterial transcription factors involved in global regulation. Molecular Microbiology 33 (1): 8-17. (Sobre la reunión del mismo título, celebrada en Junio de 1.998).
  • Glimcher, L. H. y Singh, H. (1.999). Transcription factors in lymphocyte development - T and B cells get together. Cell 96: 13-23. (Sobre la reunión Transcription factors involved in lymphocyte development and function, celebrada en Octubre de 1.998).
  • Rivas, L. y Ganz, T. (1.999). Eukaryotic antibiotic peptides: not only a membrane business. Drug Discovery Today 4 (6): 254-256. (Sobre la reunión Eukaryotic antibiotic peptides, celebrada en Febrero de 1.999).
  • Dever T. E. (1999). Translation initiation: adept at adapting. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 24: 398-403. (Sobre la reunión Regulation of protein synthesis in eukaryotes, celebrada en Marzo de 1.999).
  • Inzé, D., Gutiérrez, C. y Chua, N-H. (1.999). Trends in plant cell cycle research. The Plant Cell 11 (1): 991-994. (Sobre la reunión Cell cycle regulation and cytoskeleton in plants, celebrada en Marzo de 1.999).
  • Mollinedo, F., Borregaard, N., y Boxer, L. A. (1.999). Novel trends in neutrophil structure, function and development. Immunology Today 20 (12): 535-537. (Sobre la reunión Neutrophil development and function, celebrada en Abril de 1.999).
  • Foulkes, N. S., Naranjo, J. R. y Sassone-Corsi, P. (1.999). Setting the clock in Madrid. Trends in Cell Biology 9: 371-372. (Sobre la reunión Molecular clocks, celebrada en Mayo de 1.999).
  • Nieto, M. A. (1.999). Reorganizing the Organizer 75 years on. Cell 98: 417-425. (Sobre la reunión Molecular nature of the gastrula organizing center: 75 years after Spemann and Mangold, celebrada en Mayo de 1.999).
  • Blasco, M. A., Gasser, S. M. y Lingner, J. (1.999). Telomeres and telomerase. Genes and Development 13: 2353-2359. (Sobre la reunión Telomeres and telomerase: cancer, aging and genetic instability, celebrada en Junio de 1.999).