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Articles published in International Scientific Journals

Meetings organised by the Centre have been reviewed in the following articles or books:

Articles and books published in 2000

  • Waksman, G., Lanka, E. y Carazo, J.-M. (2.000). Helicases as nucleic acid unwinding machines. Nature Structural Biology 7 (1): 20-22. (Sobre la reunión Helicases as molecular motors in nucleic acid strand separation, celebrada en Noviembre de 1.999).
  • Wise, R. A. (2.000). Addiction becomes a brain disease. Neuron 26: 27-33. (Sobre la reunión The neural mechanisms of addiction, celebrada en Diciembre de 1.999).
  • Thomas, G., de Pablo, F., Schlessinger, J. and Moscat, J. (2.000). The ins and outs of protein phosphorylation. EMBO Reports 1 (1): 11-15. (Sobre la reunión Control of signalling by protein phosphorylation, celebrada en Marzo de 2.000).
  • Jones, R., Harberd, N. and Kamiya, Y. (2000). Giberellins 2.000. Trends in Plant Science 5 (8): 320-1. (Sobre la reunión Biochemistry and molecular biology of gibberellins, celebrada en Marzo de 2.000).
  • Jones, K. A. and Kadonaga, J. T. (2.000). Exploring the transcription-chromatin interface. Genes and Development 14: 1992-1996. (Sobre la reunión Integration of transcriptional regulation and chromatin structure, celebrada en Abril de 2.000).
  • Serrano, M. and Massagué, J. (2.000). Networks of tumor suppressors. EMBO Reports 1 (2): 115-119. (Sobre la reunión Tumor suppressor networks, celebrada en Mayo 2.000).
  • Burgoyne, R. D. and Alvarez de Toledo, G. (2.000). Fusion proteins and fusion pores. EMBO Reports 1 (4): 304-307. (Sobre la reunión Regulated exocytosis and the vesicle cycle, celebrada en Mayo 2.000).
  • Matus, A. and Shepherd, G. M (2.000). The millennium of the dendrite?. Neuron 27: 431-434. (Sobre la reunión Dendrites, celebrada en Junio 2.000).
  • Tollervey, D. and Caceres, J. F. (2.000). RNA processing marches on. Cell 103: 703-709. (Sobre la reunión Regulation of messenger RNA processing, celebrada en Octubre 2.000).