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Articles published in International Scientific Journals

Meetings organised by the Centre have been reviewed in the following articles or books:

Articles and books published in 2003

  • Micol, J.L. and Hake S. (2003). The development of plant leaves. Plant Physiology 131 (389-394) (Sobre la reunión Leaf Development, celebrada en Febrero de 2002).
  • Vicente, M. and Löwe, J. (2003). Ring, helix, sphere and cylinder: the basic geometry of prokaryotic cell division. EMBO Reports 4 (655-660) (Sobre la reunión Manufacturing Bacteria: Design, Production and Assembly of Cell Division Components, celebrada en Diciembre de 2002).
  • Frankle, W.G., Lerma, J. and Laruelle, M. (2003). The Synaptic Hypothesis of Schizophrenia. Neuron 39 (205-216) (Sobre la reunión Synaptic Dysfunction and Schizophrenia, celebrada en Febrero de 2003).
  • He, X. (2003). A Wnt-Wnt Situation. Developmental Cell 4: 791-797. (Sobre la reunión Wnt Genes and Wnt Signalling, celebrada en Marzo de 2003).
  • Stainier D. Y and Pourquie O. (2003). Entrails, heart, brain, limbs, and lymphatics- a recipe for success?. Dev Cell 5(2): 193-6 (Sobre la reunión Developmental Mechanisms in Vertebrate Organogenesis, celebrada en Junio de 2003).
  • Demengeot J. and Hori S. (2003). Keeping hopes high. EMBO reports 4(11): 1033-7 (Sobre la reunión Molecular and Genetic Basis of Autoimmune Diseases: SLE and RA, celebrada en Abril de 2003).
  • Solnica-Krezel, L. and Eaton S. (2003). Embryo morphogenesis: getting down to cells and molecules. Development 130, 4229-4233 (Sobre la reunión The Dynamics of Morphogenesis: Regulation of Cell and Tissue Movements in Development, celebrada en Mayo de 2003).
  • Vincent, J. P. (2003). Membranes, Trafficking, and Signaling during Animal Development. Cell 112: 745-749 (Sobre la reunión Membranes, Trafficking and Signalling during Animal Development, celebrada en Enero de 2003).