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Ta Hio

  • Título Ta Hio
  • Autor Confucio.; Zengzi, 505 a.C.-437 a.C
  • Fecha 1939
  • Editorial Norfolk, Connecticut: New Directions, 1939
  • Serie New Directions pamphlets ; no. 4
  • Idioma Inglés
  • Notas "The Confucian classics are customarily divided into the Five ching and the Four shu. The first of the Four shu (or books) is the Ta hio, a work of which the first chapter is ascribed to Confucius, and the remainder to one of his disciples, Thseng-tseu (Tsang Tzu)." -- Nota preliminar.
  • Materia Literatura china - Traducciones al inglés; Filosofía china
  • Signatura PL 2478 .M76 1939