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The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

  • Título The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  • Autor Burckhardt, Jacob, 1818-1897
  • Fecha 1958
  • Editorial New York: Harper, 1958
  • Colecciones Firmado
  • Serie Harper torchbooks ; TB40-41
  • Idioma Inglés
  • Notas "This translation is made from the fifteenth edition of the German original, with slight additions to the text and large additions to the notes by Dr. Ludwig Geiger and Professor Walther Götz." -- Nota del traductor.
    Firmas, dedicatorias, sellos: Firma "Zóbel" en la anteportada del primer volumen.
  • Nota contenido Vol. 1. The state as a work of art; The development of the individual; The revival of antiquity -- vol. 2. The discovery of the world and man; Society and festivals; Morality and religion.
  • Materia Renacimiento - Italia; Italia - Civilización
  • Signatura DG 533 .B8513 1958