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Understanding media

  • Título Understanding media
  • Autor McLuhan, Marshall, 1911-1980
  • Fecha 1964
  • Editorial New York: McGraw-Hill, c1964
  • Colecciones Anotado; Firmado
  • Idioma Inglés
  • Notas Firmas, dedicatorias, sellos: Firma "Zóbel 1965" en la segunda guarda.
  • Nota contenido Medium is the message -- Media hot and cold -- Reversal of the overheated medium -- The gadget lover: Narcissus as narcosis -- Hybrid energy: les liaisons dangereuses -- Media as translators -- Challenge and collapse: the nemesis of creativity -- The spoken word: flower of evil? -- The written word: an eye for an ear -- Roads and paper routes -- Number: profile of the crowd -- Clothing: our extended skin -- Housing: new look and new outlook -- Money: the poor man's credit card -- Clocks: the scent of time -- The print: how to dig it -- Comics: Mad vestibule to TV -- The printed word: architect of nationalism -- Wheel, bicycle, and airplane -- The photograph: the brothel-without-walls -- Press: government by news leak -- Motorcar: the mechanical bride -- Ads: keeping upset with the Joneses -- Games: the extensions of man -- Telegraph: the social hormone -- The typewriter: into the age of the iron whim -- The telephone: sounding brass or tinkling symbol? -- The phonograph: the toy that shrank the national chest -- Movies: the reel world -- Radio: the tribal drum -- Television: the timid giant -- Weapons: war of the icons -- Automation: learning a living.
  • Materia Comunicación; Medios de comunicación social; Tecnología y civilización
  • Signatura P 90 .M26 1964