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of Fundación Juan March

Directory of all publications generated by Fundación Juan March and Instituto Juan March throughout their history: cultural dissemination publications and periodicals, research papers and other documents generated by the Fundación's cultural activities and its Library. MORE ABOUT

About Fundación Juan March

Publications that explain the origins and history of the Fundación


Periodicals published by Fundación Juan March

  • Revista y Boletín informativo

    1972–PRESENT Containing information on the Fundación's programme of activities

  • Saber/Leer

    1987-2003 Monthly magazine with book reviews

  • Cultural Albacete

    1984-1985 Information on the activities of the project to promote cultural activities carried out with the Spanish Ministry of Culture in Castilla La-Mancha

Publications for Programming

Titles published to complement a concrete cultural event

Art Department
  • Catalogues of the Exhibitions

    1973–PRESENT Catalogues and supplementary publications for the exhibitions organised by the Fundación

  • Museum Catalogues

    1983-PRESENT Catalogue-guides to the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español in Cuenca and the Museu Fundación Juan March in Palma de Mallorca

Lectures Department
  • Poética y poesía

    2004-PRESENT Collection of selected poems of the poets who take part in the Poetics and Poetry lectures series

  • Cuadernos de seminario público

    1998-2002 Collection of eight seminars held at the Fundación on philosophy, politics, science and contemporary art

  • Crítica literaria

    1977-1989 Collection of three series of lectures on Spanish and Latin American authors. With the publishing house Ediciones Cátedra

  • Encuentros

    1973-1976 Collection of the works presented at the two gatherings held at the Fundación on science and novel. With Marsiega Editorial

  • Other publications

    1972-PRESENT Publications generated by lectures not associated with a specific collection

  • Library Catalogues

    1984-PRESENT Collection of bibliographical repertoires on music and theatre. Includes catalogues of works by composers with private archives in the Library

Scholar Research

Research results of the work done by Instituto Juan March

  • CEACS: Thesis

    1992–2015 Doctoral Theses produced by the Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales of Instituto Juan March

  • CEACS: Working papers

    1990–2014 Working papers edited by the Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales of Instituto Juan March

  • CRIB: Workshops

    1996-2003 Workshops of the Centro de Reuniones Internacionales de Biología organised by Instituto Juan March

Grants programme

Final reports and summaries

  • Serie universitaria

    1976-1992 1976-1992 Collection of 269 editions summarising the final reports presented by Fundación Juan March grant fellows

  • Reports by grant fellows

    1957-1981 List of final reports of the Fundación Juan March grant fellowship programme (may be consulted at Library)


Compilation of essays regularly published in the Boletín Informativo on activities and in the Revista from 1972 to 2018

  • Spanish musical theatre

    2015-2018 Digital collection of 27 essays on the history of Spanish musical theatre

  • Printmaking, artists and collections

    2012–2014 Collection of essays on 27 Spanish printmakers

  • Sketches

    2008-2011 Collection of 35 essays on a selection of Spanish composers from the 15th to 20th century

  • Works in a collection

    2004–2007 Collection of 37 essays on works held at the Fundación's museums

  • Other essays

    1972-2003 Collection containing all essays appearing in the Boletín Informativo through 2003 on diverse topics

Commercially published books

Monographs on diverse subjects published by the Foundation in collaboration with other publishers

  • Españoles eminentes

    2012–PRESENT Collection of biographies of Spaniards who stood out in their era and continue to be of relevance in the collective conscience. With Editorial Taurus (only lists the titles published, on sale at bookshops)

  • Ensayos

    1973-2000 Six volumes of essays on art, science, history, language and philosophy. With Rioduero Ediciones

  • Tierras

    Tierras de España

    1974-1988 Collection of 18 volumes written by 60 specialists and containing 8000 illustrations on Spanish regions. With Editorial Noguer

  • Pensamiento literario español

    1976-1980 Collection of seven volumes on the history of Spanish literature. With Editorial Castalia

  • Monographs


    1971-1979 Collection of 23 volumes by specialists in philosophy, social sciences, medicine and history. With publishing houses Ediciones Guadarrama and Con Ediciones Guadarrama y Ariel.

  • Compendios

    1973-1975 Three volumes on music, molecular interactions and agricultural law. With Rioduero Ediciones