Otoño digital

From October to December 2020, the programming in Madrid will be exclusively online..
Concerts and conferences will be broadcast on Canal March and YouTube. Digital exhibitions in march.es

From this season on, concerts and conferences in the afternoon will start at 18:30

Programa de emisiones en Canal March y YouTube

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Programa de emisiones en Canal March y YouTube at Fundación Juan March
  • 24 Tuesday 11:30

    Educational Concerts for Young People2016-2017 CourseAfrica inspires the West. Polyrhythms and polyphoniesBaah Laah, ensemble of percussion & Noelia Rodiles, piano. Presenter: Polo VallejoWorks by G. Ligeti, P. Vallejo, J. Rueda and African polyphonies(Assistance only allowed for groups of pupils of colleges and institutes, previous request)
  • 19:30