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The Newspaper Archive of Prof. Juan J. Linz: The Spanish Transition to Democracy (1973-1987).

Juan J. Linz is Sterling Professor at Yale University and is honorary member [of] the Scientific Committee [of] CEACS. The Juan J. Linz Archive, which he built up in collaboration with his wife Rocío de Terán, consists [of] 76,000 clippings taken from the Spanish press during the Spanish transition. The original archive was organized thematically, based on the events, opinions and declarations [of] the principal players in the political, social and economic life [of] Spain between 1973 and 1987.

The Linz Archive is in a provisional phase and as such is still undergoing evaluation. Any suggestions, comments or improvements to the Archive would be welcome.

The virtual archive has been developed with the financial support [of] the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science the Ministry [of] Culture and the Regional Government of Madrid.