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Consuelo Díez

Fanny Mendelssohn and Women in Musical Composition URL:

A journey through the lives of various historic and present-day women composers, focusing on Fanny Mendelssohn, as a talented and quite a reputed composer in the history of Western music, who formed part of the Romantic movement, was of German descent and was the sister of Félix Mendelssohn. The names of many women composers will be situated in their countries and period, as until now music-history books have included very few, if not to say almost none, meaning that not only audiences, but music professionals themselves, are barely familiar with the lives, and above all the works, of women composers of both yesterday and today.

I will make special reference to Spanish women composers, who are particularly unknown in our country. The truth is that this is also the case with Spanish male composers, especially those of by-gone centuries. In both cases, not only are we unfamiliar with their works because they are rarely performed, but we do not even know their names.

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