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Manuel Bendala

Rome: The Wonderful Urban Landscape of the Imperial City URL:

Rome rose to its maximum expression the phenomenon of the “architecturization” of the city. The urban condition as the creator of its own ecosystem, as the maker of its own landscape, directed the urban societies into an important projection of their necessities and requirements in the obtention of spaces constructed with great relevance and meaning. And this general tendency had in Rome an exceptional development, in agreement with the huge political body it generated through the constitution of the humongous Roman Empire.

The desire of self-assertion of Rome and its leaders, custodians of a huge power and an equally huge economical capacity, found in architecture a very efficient way of expressions, and even more, of impulse and weapons of action for the great political confrontations happening inside and outside the city of Rome. Only this way we can understand the extraordinary political landscape concentrated in the Roman city, due to the wonders of architecture and their high semantic and semiotic significance. The result was giving shape to an urban landscape of such solidness that its urban an architectonic language will be reference for all the Western world cities in our days.

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