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Estrella de Diego

Déco Dressing


In 1925 in Paris, the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs was inaugurated, where among other things the creations of Sonia Delaunay o Rodchenko where shown, from the most imaginative to the most functional. This was a key moment for the launching and visibility of the so called art déco, as the essential idea was to prepare sophisticated products, frequently of premium class, fabricated in series, as it was the case of the alliance of Delaunay with Mertz & Co, the Dutch department stores that decided to manufacture her designs.

In this context, fashion would have a key role, especially among those "New women" who, being more free and conscious about their role in world, also sought for new ways of being represented. As a matter of fact, these women aspired to dress in fashion, a fashion that had little or nothing to do with strict codes of dress of their mothers and grandmothers. It was a free and imaginative fashion, sometimes inspired in the exotic, the Russian Ballets, or the vangard movements. These productions, fully inscribed in the spirit of the déco, would be the ones to also revolutionize the scenery of these "New women" who decide to dress in déco, and thus, to get dressed in modernity. Fill their houses and lives with that new spirit that has much of artistic.

The conference will focus in the aesthetic changes in fashion and in consume, its relationship with the "New women" wearing their hair a la a la garçon, tube dresses, and using new representation strategies, following a trail that will lead us to all the great designers like Schiaparelli or Sonia Delaunay herself.

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