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Julio Trebolle

Discoveries and Mysteries about Research into the Manuscripts URL:

Once the puzzle of combining the more than 40.000 fragments of scrolls, now published in their totality, is completed, it is the time to fit together the new knowledges with those arriving from other discoveries and with those deriving from already known sources that now need to be reviewed. The new data pose new questions of difficult solution: is there any relation between the scrolls found and the archaeological site nearby?, are these an Essen settlement and library?, do the manuscripts and the cemetery prove anything about the supposed Essen celibate?, are there tombs from women?, how to combine the classic sources (Pliny the Elder, Philon, Josephus) with the information on the scrolls?, who where the Essenes and what relation they had with other Jewish groups, the Sadducees and Pharisees in particular?, where they men of Law, wise men, apocalyptic or mystics?, what groups and tendencies still persist and which disappeared after the destruction of Jerusalem in year 70?, which are their points of contact and rupture between the scrolls and the New Testament?

This introductory conference will deepen in a particular way in the two hundred scrolls that transmit texts of the Hebrew and Greek bible. It will highlight how the biblical books were circulated in several texts and editions, which does not prevent from causing serious problems for the comprehension of both, the Bible and Judaism, and also Christianity. As a consequence of the discoveries, currently there are new editions of the Hebrew Bible and its versions in preparation.

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