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Adolfo Roitman

The Essenes, the Qumran Community and the Sects in Post-Biblical Judaism URL:
The group of the Essenes triggered the interest of the ancient scholars, like it was the case of Philo of Alexandria, Flavius Josephus, and Pliny the Elder. Their way of life and thought where seen already then as very different from the other groups of Palestine Jews of the time (2nd century BC - 1st century AC), causing admiration and mystery. As time went by, this group got to acquire an almost mythical status, being even considered as the cradle of Christianity (Ernst Renan) The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and the excavations of Khirbet Qumran  in the mid 20th century renewed the fascination for this group, until concluding that the "Qumran community" was an Essene community. The intention of this conference is to identify the Essene testimonies along history, as well as presenting the textual archeological discoveries found in Qumran in the light of the sectarian phenomenon in post-Bible Judaism, with the aim of evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the "Essene-Qumran thesis" as a theoretical model to understand the findings of Qumran. 
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