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Manuel Martín Bueno

Captain Cousteau: Highlights and Lowlights URL:
The figure know as Commandant Cousteau is without doubt an indisputable international reference in all issues related to the sea, the oceans, and fundamentally to conservation and knowledge. A character distinguished by the magic wand of luck, hard, and good practice of a man passionate about his work, who learned how to extract from the military profession in the French Armada, from an activity -diving-, and from a an unquestionable hobby -everything related to the knowledge on the marine environment-, a goal in life, which grew as he learned more about what the marine depths offered him, and what the society of knowledge and information offered. He was an important figure, very important, with his many lights and shades at each side of the balance; but he learned how to extract to his favor a all-is-possible attitude capable of exciting the public, and from there involve many organisms, both national and international, in the knowledge of the marine environment and the need for its preservation to get them to fund his expeditions. He was without doubt a great communicator and he managed to make use of the best tools that were on his reach to disseminate knowledge and educate on the respect for the natural and marine environment, although he sometimes did not act as an example internally. The balance is nevertheless positive and we should keep the image of a man tanned by the marine winds and the sun, with that profile of accused and hooked nose, and that red wool hat of the Navy with which he liked to be represented. Those who got to know him and grew up with his stories remember even the color prints we avidly collected from the candy bars of that time, and which submerged us in the world of Poseidon and Neptune, referring to either the Greek or Roman divinity ruling the waters, just like he ruled over the information and its dissemination.
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