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Carme Riera

Letters, Lovers’ Mirrors URL:

The writer, academic and of Professor of Spanish Literature Carme Riera, analyses one of the most outstading love stories in Medieval literature: The Letters of Abelard and Héloïse. Originating from the twelfth century and preserved in a copy dating from the thirteenth, the verisimilitude of the lovers’ authorship of the letter is questioned. This epistolary compendium incorporates the two predominant literary traditions of the time: Scholasticism, under the masculine figure of Abelard, and courtly love, in the female character of Héloïse.

In her recent prologue to the Spanish edition “En favor de Heloísa” (In Favour of Héloïse), Carme Riera acknowledges the use of a learned discourse in favour of women in the main female character.

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