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Julio Carabaña and Pau Marí-Klose

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Inequality is often related to globalisation and is considered a breeding ground for populisms, nationalisms and xenophobia. And, despite the redistribution policies of the welfare state, inequality is still present.

Our invited experts, the Professor of Sociology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Julio Carabaña and Pau Marí-Klose, a lecturer in Sociology at the Universidad de Zaragoza, will respond to some of the following questions: Has inequality increased significantly in Spain? And in the rest of Europe? Is it a consequence of globalisation or is it the result of an increase in poverty? Is inequality one of the causes of the development of populisms and nationalisms? What measures should be taken to correct it? Is an active intervention needed in the performance of the markets?

A debate format in which, once a month, on a Monday at 7:30 pm, leading experts analyse important issues that make up today’s social reality with the journalists Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso. The Internet, China's Leadership, Brexit or the demographic problem have been several of the issues involved.

The presenters put some of the audience’s questions to the guests. Please send your suggestions to:

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