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Juan Antonio Ramírez

Pop art: themes, objects and processes URL:
The beginnings of Pop art in England along the early 1950's already show the main thematic vein of this artistic trend, based on the new media of the society of masses and the multiplied products of consume. An aspect that has been less addressed by the critic are the tridimensional creations: we can distinguish here different modalities of object "presentation" ( in the Duchampian tradition of ready-made) and some others of "representation" (closer to the traditional sculpture). The literal copy in limited series (in the style of Warhol's Soap Pads) triggers the issue of originality and reproduction, which is key for understanding the phenomenon. All of this, finally explains why art, ancient or contemporary, is one of the prefered topics of pop art, which can be also understood as an auto-referential movement of the "art system", not so distant in this sense from some of the variations of the linguistic conceptualism as it may seem in a first glance.
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