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Luis Landero

Looking, feeling, narrating... URL:
I do not believe that a novelist, or a painter, or a musician, has a poetic previous to the creative act that serves them as a guide and illuminates them in the moments of loss or of darkness. Rather it seems that the poetic comes later, as a theoretical addition, as an attempt to explain what really belongs to that quite mysterious form of knowledge that is intuition, the more or less inspired action in the margins of logical thinking, in the abyssal grey areas of the soul...: Thus, it is the knowledge of an artist: an unknown knowledge. The writer un each work has to renew his craft, because his territory is always that of uncertainty. As for the rest, I believe that the art of writing is the art of observing, and of course, feeling. In a way that the writer is someone who has prolonged their infancy until mixing it with the more murky and experienced waters of maturity.
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