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Íñigo Losada

The impact of climate change on the Spanish coast URL:

The coastal areas are highly dynamic and present a great variability along relatively short time periods, which produce a great fragility and vulnerability against any kind of external pressure, whether it is of natural or human origin. In this context, the impact of climate change over them can have consequences of great relevance, and in many occasions, irreversible. In the conference we will address the main impacts that climate change can have over the coastal areas, focusing on the physical aspects and the possible consequences over the biotic and social-economic environment.

We will review the effects that climate change can have over the agents "modeling" our coasts, showing trends that have been observed in our coasts along the last decades and extrapolating them to the horizon of year 2050. From there we will show the detailed results of the expected impacts in our coasts. Finally, we will address the different adaptation strategies needed to face these impacts.

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