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Pedro Gómez Romero

Energy and environment, intertwined problems URL:

Our preferred species, that which call itself intelligent, has been inhabiting the planet for tens of thousands of generations. But it has only been eight generations, after someone Watt perfected the machine designed by Newcomen, since the Homo sapiens learned how to use the energy of the sun, condensed in the shape of fossil fuel to feed a social metabolism that has not ceased to grow since then. Our irrational and excessive energy consumption and our addiction to fossil fuels (which represent 85% of the energy we consume) are leading us to a slow but irremediable unprecedented double crisis cause by the intertwined problems of energy and environment.

This conference will analyze the interrelation of the energy consumption and the environmental problems, and, due to the lack of magical solutions, will review some of the actions that should be started and the possible alternatives to our energetic model.

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