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Jane Landers

African stories of the Americas URL:

The conference will analyze the political options that the population of African origin -also known as "Atlantic Creoles"- had during the period of the Atlantic revolutions in the 16th and 17th century. We will examine the policies that were developed through the processes in which they were involved, as well as the written documentation that was produced. We will show that these Africans and their descendants had access to a varied and important written and spoken information, which allowed them to make political decisions in order to maintain their so hard won freedom.

These "Atlantic Creoles" had to fights successively for the king of Congo, for the king of England, for the king of France, for the French Jacobins, for the chiefs of the "muskogyu" and "seminolas" indigenous tribes, and for the king of Spain. Each change of alliance required an analysis and a serious evaluation of the political scenarios and the freedom possibilities that each ally offered.

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