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Manuel Moreno Alonso

Joseph I and the Frenchified URL:


The imposition of Joseph Napoleon as king of Spain, after being king of Naples, caused the so called Spanish War of Independence. Most of the population fought against the king, especially following the battle of Bailén (July 1808), and it seemed that the napoleonic adventure had ended. But there was a minority of Spaniards who accepted him as king from the beginning, or later when following the occupation of Andalusia in 1810, fate seemed to be determined.

These supporters of the king named Frenchified are considered collaborationists by the patriots, and are hated for life to the point that for generations they were considered traitors and bad Spaniards. Although among them there was a good number of intellectuals who seen from today it seems that what they wanted was to avoid war and implement a political reformation plan that should improve the conditions of the country. From his side, the king nick-named "The Intruder", made all possible efforts to increase the number of supporters, many of which followed him back to France once the war was over.

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