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Pablo Jauralde

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I will try to answer first the reasons for which Francisco Quevedo holds such a solid place in the altarpiece of our celebrities, this is, what is it that remains as a matter of admiration. In the same way, I will address his attitude within the case called the "national conscience"; particularly by pointing out how one the designers of this space was, something that gets mixed with history of Spain during a vital period (1580-1645); as well as other major topics (black legend, Hispanic monarchy, nationalities, etc.)

Although we will exemplify everything through verses, the most adequate approach due to its summarizing nature, will also detail at the same time the variety of works, tones and styes with which Quevedo replies to his creative impulses and illustrates his contemporaries, another thing that adds up to the reasons behind making Quevedo a historical eminence.

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