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Mª Luisa López-Vidriero

Treasure of one Europe or the other: Mayans and the fantasy of books URL:
In 1733 Mayans y Siscar proposed to imagine printing a great Dictionary of light and diligent wings. When he commented this with the librarian Antonio Bordázar, he added "hopefully it will not be as aerial as Dn. Blas Nasarre's project in order to establish a printing press in the royal library". Representative of the renewed humanism, erudite, driving the change in studies, illustrated reformist, we recognize in him an intellectual who cannot conceive an independent cultural transformation of the book and of the printing press, nor renouncing to have the institutions as promoters. "Treasure of one and other Europe: Mayans and the dreaminess of the books (1699-1781)" recreates the importance that this true believer of the printing press as a vehicle of progress had for the Spanish Enlightenment.
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