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Manuela Mena

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2008, the 200th anniversary of 1808 and the beginning of the War of Independence, have served as an excuse to do a number of commemorations of historical and artistic nature, among which the figure of Goya has had a key role, and we could even say decisive. It is important to point out that to the historic and literary documentation of that time; which originated with the end of the Old Regime in France and the Revolution, and its Spanish implications; we have to add that Goya left us his images, in the paintings, prints, and drawings series. It is impossible to imagine that time period without his works, which are themselves first line historical documents, including his fundamental testimonies. Nevertheless, he was not only a pure "witness of his time"; like a neutral and realist journalist, an appreciation that is commonly found in texts devoted to his figure; because it is necessary to take into consideration his judgements and critics, this is, his personal vision of the reality in which he lived. The artistic figure of Goya, with its profound and philosopher-like unreachable dimension, was a result of his privileged intelligence, of his profound feelings, of his relationship with the homeland, its governments and its society in general, and of his amazing knowledge of the human nature. 
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