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Emilio Sola

The Mediterranean frontier: the great Turkish Corsairs and the modern economic man URL:
The figure of the corsair with Christian origin at the service of the sultan of Istanbul -the muladi corsair or the reviled renegades of classical Christian historiography-, supported by Miguel de Cervantes' interpretation, especially with his theatrical play Tratos de Argel, allows to evoke the birth of an economical modern man, and to appreciate through the corsair galiot a plastic emblem of the new economical enterprise. The corsair saga started by the Barbarossa brothers in Algiers, would have its culmination a century later with Ali Pasha, the Calabrian who for two decades was one of the most influential men of the Mediterranean, and whose figure can be equivalent to the "new prince" theorized by Machiavelli. These characters, who were mainly Italians at the service of the Great Turk, allow us to address the classical 16th century Mediterranean as the most intimate historical frontier of Europe, and are of key importance to understand and address the commercial and financial world of the time. 
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