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José Manuel Floristán

On the holy venture of Greece against the Turks URL:

Due to the its political-religious confrontation with Islam, the domination of the Italian mezzogiorno, and its hegemony in Europe between 1571 and 1621, Spain followed Venezia as the prefered receiver of the Greek petitions for help to have a rebellion against the Sublime Porte. In the conference we will analyze the conditioning factors of this historical event -religious, geostrategic, economical, etc.-, as well as its main manifestations, from the testament of Andreas Palaiologos in favor of the Catholic Kings and the naming of Fernando de Aragón as king of Jerusalem, to the strategical and tactical policies of Felipe II and Felipe III in regards to the "Oriental Issue". We will draft the general lines of the Greek-Spanish relation, of the Turkish policies, of the diplomatic procedures followed, the content of the embassies, and the attitude of the Spanish authorities with them.    

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