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Luis Gil

The eastern front. The alliance between Persia and Georgia URL:

Once the Iberian union was done, the Portuguese-Spanish Empire limited with the Ottoman in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, where the Portuguese established Ormuz, and also had as a dangerous neighbor the Safavid Empire, whose continuous war with the Turkish Empire restricted its wishes to expand. This is why the proposal of military alliance against the Sublime Porte made by Abbas to Felipe III was seen as a great chance to contain the thirst of conquer of the both the Sultan and the Shah in the Persian Gulf. The alliance was accepted, and a military action against the Turkish was promised but did not happen, so the Shah and Sultan faced an endless military conflict, conjuring the danger of a military intervention of both in the European and Asian domains of the Portuguese-Spanish Empire. This deception lasted until Abbas became aware of the game. Through a number of embassies (from the side of the Shah, the ones of Husein Ali Beg, Pakize Imán Qoli Beg, Roberto Sherley, Danguis Beg and friar Antonio de Gouvea, Roberto Sherley y friar Redempto de la Cruz; and from the side of the Portuguese-Spanish monarch, the ones of Luis Pereira de Lacerda and García de Silva y Figueroa) the fictional friendship was maintained until Ormuz was conquered by the Persian, assisted by an English fleet, in 1622.

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